ActBeyond Projects provides Project Management, Programme Management and Project Portfolio Management services. We specialise in two fields: information technology (bespoke systems and package solutions) and new product or service development.

You should contact us to see how we can help:

contenthead When you haven’t the experience or resources within your organisation to manage a project
contenthead When you are thinking of using contractors or employing new staff for a project
contenthead When you are involved in complex cross organisational projects
contenthead When you have multi-site or international projects that need to be coordinated
contenthead Whenever you are moving beyond your current organisational project experience

The key to our success is providing our clients with exactly what is needed, at a level that is appropriate and justified.

With ActBeyond Projects, rather than relying on a series of individuals, you have a delivery partner whose tested approach is centred on:

contenthead  quality assurance: predetermined, stringent quality standards and review processes aligned to your requirements ensure that we can both be delighted with the results.
contenthead  knowledge management: our project managers use shared electronic tools to communicate and collaborate, ensuring that all project knowledge is captured and stored to facilitate continuity.
contenthead  resource continuity: our team will be ready and fully briefed to step in as needed, so that your valuable time is not wasted in re-briefing new staff and projects are not held up as they might otherwise be by individual contractor absence.
contenthead  PRINCE2 standards and principles: established and proven best practice methodology is used to deliver projects under our rigorous yet pragmatic framework.

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